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released April 1, 2015

All songs written by Try the Pie. Bean Kaloni Tupou (guitar, vocals) Rich Gutierrez (bass, feedback/second guitar on "Inevitablities" and "Bad Reaction", backup vocals on "Old Wounds"), Nick Lopez (drums, lead guitar/noise and back up vocals on "Flood or Drought"), Sherrise Gutierrez (back up vocals on "Every Week" and "Flood or Drought"), Fred Avila (slide guitar on "Itching" and "Thomas"), Jenna Marx (back up vocals on "Unholy Island"), Jason Brownstein (lead guitar on "Old Wounds" and backup vocals on "Unholy Island"). Recorded and mixed at Big Timber Studios by Damien Wendel. Mastered by Kyle Gilbride.


tags: punk San Jose


all rights reserved


Try The Pie San Jose, California

9/10- Rickshaw Stop with PS Eliott and Joyride

9/15- Philadelphia, PA

9/17- New Alternative Music Festival

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Track Name: Every Week
The dogs are asleep
Chasing wolves away.
I'm on my feet
Before the sun comes up today.

What do I need?

You will ask me
If I ever sleep
You will ask me
The same thing every week.

We are not built like walls
To hold up structures, to be the glue.
I wanna do it all
I wanna let go and remember you.

Don't tell me what I lose.

You will ask me
If I ever sleep
You will ask me
The same thing every week.
Track Name: Old Wounds
You are wheeling down
The same roads I thought
You had left by now
Given the damage they've caused.

I don't see it all
But I see a lot
And you're caught in the "here and now"
I see far beyond.

You wanted it all,
It still wasn't enough,
So when will that stop?

Given the damage they've caused.

Old wounds hesitate
They cut through, they time-travel
Do you see your mistakes?
Can you feel them unravel?

Given the damage they've caused.

It's an every-day-collapsing into
What we should not do.

Given the damage they've caused.

You are wheeling down
The same roads I thought
You had left by now.
Track Name: Parts
Sawed you off in the middle of the night.
You were always on my mind
Even when you didn't try.
That's the price we pay for being so devout;
Living in the precious memory of now.

I know you will never see it like I do
How can I expect you to?

Come to me like a distant haunting
Like some place I have never really been.
Phantom limb equipped with feelings so precise.
Almost believed you were exactly what you wanted me to see.

I know you will never feel it like I do
How can I expect you to?

These are the parts of me I give to you.
Track Name: Itching
After midnight and before sunrise
I get so hungry.

It's a cold one, always a cold one
When you're not around me.

Like a dog at the window
I am always searching.

My itching youth is
Countlessly blindsided
And I am too open.

It's a strange one, always a strange one
When I'm left this hopeless.

Like a dog at the window
Like the sting you left me
You're not real, you're just a shadow
But still I'm searching.
Track Name: Bad Reaction
I am barely trying,
You've got your feet on the ground
You're in my head now.
I can memorize you
If you're not even there
You could be anywhere.
Can you tell?

Oh, it's such a bother
Waking up to the sound
Of you not around.
Always second guessing
Always over-stressing out
About what's gone now.
Can you tell?
I wont tell if you wont tell.

And every bad reaction makes me feel like
I am not the one you're thinking of.
Track Name: Flood or Drought
You know me, I am still
Your rock in the water--
Only chipping slightly.
Flood or drought,
Receded doubt.
Don't be fooled by failure
It wont ever matter.

Just say you're always on my side
And everything will melt away.

What was it that made me loose myself in you,
And then made me reconsider?
It rushed past before I had time to even grab it.
I'll try to remember.

Just say you'll always be around
And everything will pass away.
Track Name: Unpronounced
Middle of summer,
Fireworks going off,
I heard your wonder,
I saw it all.

I just can't relax,
As hard as I try.
When the dogs bark at shadows,
They get that look in their eyes.

Hungry for something they'll never find.
Could there be no other way?

Skin gets so heavy,
Feeling your ghost all around.
Just when I'm floating on empty
It brings me back to the ground.

We'll go unpronounced,
Shifting on all fours,
Scratching names into pavement,
Crawling through open doors.

Hungry for something we'll never find.
Could there be some other way?
Track Name: Thomas
This net gets thin and wide
You're there where the visions reside
You know whats up with me
We've felt the slow leaking of time

Moments and change
Unforeseeable restraints
It must be strange to be
The one who stays the same

An attempt to revisit the pull
Of drying blood and bottles
You sat unmoved and breathing
In all of the thick loneliness

But it's all the same
When goodness and evil intertwine
We know of the past and
Still repeat it all the time.
Track Name: Unholy Island
Unholy island, soft buzz of the sun radiates.
Here is a rock they thought they gave you,
But your's is an uncharted fate.

Treat the stars like a road
when you have trouble letting go.

Wondrous, how they found you:
Sun-bleached and lungs all full of sand.
There are worlds yet to discover
Inside that one you have there in your hand.

Don't go back once you've left,
you'll have time to catch your breath.

There will be light, there will be rain
To come and wash it all away.
Heavy hands, withholding heart,
It was over before it even got to start.
Unholy island.
Track Name: Forgiveness
I watched you walk away
Convinced that it wasn't the same.
Dissolving water into my skin,
I watched you change.

When you come back around
I wont put up a fight.
I will let you in
Every single time.

The pain is lighter to bare
Than the thought of you not being there.
It's bleak becoming what we want
It has left me struck.

When you come back around
I wont put up a fight.
I will let you in
Every single time.

I will be angry if I have to be.
I will be angry if I want to be.
Track Name: Inevitibilities
I hear your voice still so clearly underneath the door to my room.
Floating in, shaking and grasping at intangible pain.

This time it ran me over, pulled me apart completely,
Then put me back together all rearranged.

Does it count as haunting if it's kept secretly inside of me,
Embedded in each and every space that lies between?

Things that can't be avoided
Try as I might to pretend
That nothing is real
That it's not the end.